NuVorce, LLC   445 W Erie St 111 Chicago,IL60654   (312) 802-2897
NuVorce, LLC
445 W Erie St 111
ChicagoIL 60654
 (312) 802-2897

Reviews Of NuVorce, LLC

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Sep 21, 2017

One of the best decisions I made during my divorce was to fire the law firm representing me and hire NuVorce. The NuVorce Team is excellent. They are not only knowledgeable and extremely competent and effective, their work ethic is also outstanding!! They don't treat the client as a customer but as a partner during the whole process. They engaged me in all the conversations and decisions, educated me on my options and advised me what would be strategically in my best interest short- and long-term. Thank you to Andrew and Elizabeth for an outstanding job.

Frank Reidhar
May 01, 2017

Nenad S
Mar 02, 2017

NuVorce team is very knowledgeable and their approach is setting the new standard for the industry. Highly recommended!

Brian Ledebuhr
Aug 02, 2016

NichelleNicole Glover
Oct 15, 2015

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